What I Learned From Taking A Year Off From Buying New Clothes

The Rules:
1. I could make do, repair, or repurpose what I already had
2. I could buy things secondhand
3. If people gave me clothes as a gift that was okay
4. Underwear was fine to buy new, cause eww

The Results:
1. I made it the whole year and didn’t miss going shopping for new things
2. I made a slight exception and bought one item that was custom made by a friends daughter who is an aspiring fashion designer
3. I saved a ton of money, see below
4. I discovered that my 9YO was totally cool wearing secondhand duds. I found out that it’s harder finding secondhand clothes for boys, so I did need to buy somethings brand new for him

The Savings: Total spending for myself plus an ever growing 9YO boy
Last 365: $480
Previous 365: $1,366 Ouch!
And the 365 before that: $2,863 Jeez!

The Outcome: I know going forward it will be super easy for me to make smart clothing purchases and I would totally feel comfortable doing this challenge again

2 thoughts on “What I Learned From Taking A Year Off From Buying New Clothes”

    1. Thanks! It was totally worth it. I plan to continue with buying only second hand for the most part.

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